When you are coaching children, you have a great responsibility not just for teaching them the basic skills for the sport, but also for building their character. Children are very impressionable, and as their coach they will look up to you and see you as a role model. Don’t make it all about winning, teach them all the important aspects involved in a sport, such as teamwork, skill development and good sportsmanship. 사설토토

As their coach, you have to set the tone and be an example. Promoting good sportsmanship to children may be rather difficult at times, especially since they’re exposed to all kinds of images and broadcast games, in which older players trash talk, curse, or disrespect their opponents. Obviously, they want to grow up and become as good of players as those on TV, so their examples will stick with them. However, your responsibility as a coach is to do your best to instill good sportsmanship in your players.

In order to set good examples and steer them in the right direction, you could embed several examples in your coaching philosophy:
Applaud displays of good sportsmanship outside your team, whether it is a televised game or a game of another team their age. Reinforcing the importance of such attitudes will inspire your players to do the same.

Remember that you set the tone. On game day, set the positive tone by shaking the hand of the opposite coach. It is a gesture of respect and good sportsmanship, and it will remind everyone that you’re all there to teach the kids valuable lessons and build their character, not just to win games;
Don’t lose your temper and start yelling at officials, questioning their judgment. Remember that you always have to be a model of sportsmanship, both for the children and for their parents. Otherwise, you can’t expect the kids to be good sports. If you show disrespect towards the officials, they will also show disrespect.

Teach them to shake hands after the game, whether they won or lost. If your team won the game, they should appreciate the efforts of the opposing team and congratulate them for playing a good game. If they lost, they should shake hands and congratulate the opposing team for their victory;
Sports are not just about winning, and children should learn that first of all. As a youth sports coach, teach your players to show respect, play fair, play for the team and be good sportsmen. Positive attitudes should be promoted at all times, and the children must be convinced that how they behave before, during and after games tells a lot about themselves as individuals as well as a team, and it matters not only to you, but also to all the spectators.