Learning Spanish Diminutives and Precisely how To Say Small In The spanish language

Let’s talk about learning Spanish diminutive in Spanish language and how to be able to say small in the Spanish dialect. I have a new story to tell an individual that illustrates this specific topic. Yesterday, My partner and i noticed yesterday of which native Spanish loudspeakers do something that will linguists do NOT NECESSARILY do when talking Spanish.
Numerous regarding you already know, We are living inside Medellin, Colombia. The other day, I was within the “gimnasio, ” after finishing my workout, I ordered the small bottle regarding water on the juice bar.
Specialists the particular “muchacha” behind the particular juice bar regarding “una botella sobre aqua” as your woman reached to have an oversized bottle of normal water, I said “la botella peque�a. very well But before the girl could grab it I hastily disturbed with, “No, el jugo peque�o. “
The next person equal then requested “una botellita sobre aqua, ” in addition to then next particular person orderd “un jugito. “
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I did not think much of this, until later of which evening after i stated the words “unos besos peque�os” (“some small kisses) to my “novia, ” and she laughed and declared sounds so “raro” (strange/weird).
She explained no one claims “besos peque�os. very well Actually, she stated no person would claim “besos peque�os” besides for an Estadounidense.
That’s after i understood, native English audio system, however, ones that will speak Spanish fluently, can use typically the word “peque�o” to indicate that something is small. On typically the other hand, indigenous Spanish speakers normally use “diminutives” to point that something is small.
For example of this, when the indigenous English speaker is usually speaking Spanish she or he will often point out words such while the following:
botella peque�a (small bottle)
reloj peque�o (small watch)
bolsa peque�a (small bag)
debole peque�o (small handbag as in some sort of woman’s carrying bag)
jugo peque�o (small size juice)
ejemplar peque�o (small book)
mu�eca peque�a (small doll or little wrist)
hombre peque�o (small man)
But it is much more common for an indigenous Spanish speaker to make use of diminutives to exhibit “smallness. “
Através de ejemplo:
botellita (small bottle)
relojito (small watch)
bolsita (small bag)
bolsito (small bag as in a woman’s carrying bag)
jugito (small juice)
librito (small book)
mu�equita (small toy or small wrist)
hombrecito (small man)
I would NOT say that this is incorrect Speaking spanish to NOT use diminutives. But Let me say that if you want to be able to appear to be an ancient Spanish speaker next join the pattern of using diminutives to express that will something happens to be small, specifically when talking with the partic

Author: Juan Wood