Tribal Sleeve – Leo Zulueta is credited with bringing tribal style tattooing from the South Pacific to america in the late 70’s. But is was George Clooney’s character in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn that caused the tribal sleeve to explode in popularity. Tribal sleeves could be the worst sleeve trend of all because they take another peoples tattoo culture, remove all of the meaning and mock the origins of tattoo designs that date back centuries. Also, they are next to impossible to cover up once tattoo regret sets in.
Biomechanical Sleeve – Biomechanical tattooing was pioneered by tattoo artist like Aaron Cain along with other tattooist in the San Francisco bay area. A breakaway from traditional style American tattooing, biomechanical uses images of the human flesh blended with machine parts. Basically biomechanical tattoos mix organic images with inorganic images. It quickly became over used.
Flame Sleeve – No clear origins on the flame sleeve but whoever created it ought to be ashamed. The sleeve is not only hard to check out but is unbelievable boring for the tattoo artist. Flame tattoos aren’t just a waste of good skin but will also prove difficult to cover.
Bioorganic tattoo
Random Cool Stuff Sleeve – A twist on the American style hodgepodge sleeve that’s acquired over time, the random cool stuff sleeve is acquired quickly. The images often include skulls, flowers, brass knuckles, something with wings,maybe a couple of flames. A newer variation on this sleeve is to get random candy pieces or random kids toys tattooed as a sleeve.